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Telcos in motion

Yann Chevalier, Intersec CEO

Merely relying on the monetization of data through selling data and SMS is no longer sufficient. Presently, CSPs must reinvent themselves to reclaim their position within the value chain while complying with the most stringent regulations. Telco metadata emerges as a powerful catalyst, capable of exponentially enhancing the value proposition.

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Data privacy

Christophe Nez, VP Product

In contrast to over-the-top (OTT) vendors, CSPs have become trusted providers of consumer data by ensuring data privacy and enabling third-party services safely. By playing by the rules, CSPs minimize the risk of data breaches and compliance violations, while safeguarding their reputation, unlocking new business opportunities, and building a competitive edge.

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Location accuracy

Charlotte Cardona, VP Marketing

Billions of people carry their phones in their pockets for about 16 hours every day. Geolocation has become an absolute necessity, both for meeting regulations and for driving business success. It's the foundation of technology that our customers simply cannot afford to ignore.

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Public safety

Charlotte Thomas, Product Director

By deploying our platform directly within the mobile network operators' infrastructure, public authorities gained the ability to activate a wide range of public safety initiatives. Not only to rescue effectively but also to alert and prevent.

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Device location

Sebastien Synold, Product Manager

Can you believe there are already over 15 billion connected devices out there? And that number is set to double by 2027! So how does network location become a game-changer for manufacturers? Sebastien gives you three examples: connected vehicles, factories, and drones.