Geolocation in 5G: Technological landscape and promising use cases

On-demand Webinar

Geolocation in 5G: technological landscape and promising use cases 

5G introduces a new paradigm to connectivity and mobility by using highly accurate location information and enabling low-latency use cases. 

With a privacy-conscious approach and as 5G-ready devices and networks start to roll out, Telcos are uniquely positioned to facilitate digital ecosystems on a national scale, allowing them to unlock promising use cases and boost top-line revenue growth.

In this webinar, Amer Bdeoui and Christophe Nez elaborate on the following points:

  • Today’s geolocation technologies (active vs. passive, RF Fingerprinting, etc.)
  • 3GPP 5G positioning benefits (beamforming, mmWave…)
  • Unlocking various 5G positioning use cases


Visit this page to know more about location data.